Weekend Coffee Post 04/30/17


survivor-atoz [2017] v1

I’m not sure why this badge is so large, but my computer didn’t give me the option to resize it alas, my apologies if it’s taking up you’re entire screen.

I DID IT! I finished the A to Z Challenge!

… If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this has been a good weekend. I’ve been stationed on the couch, watching a Harry Potter marathon in between chores and writing. I’ve wrapped up the 2017 A to Z Challenge and I feel good about it! I worked really hard on my posts this year and I’m hoping I can keep the writing momentum going throughout May. Most of my posts were written right before I fell into bed for the night, the majority of them written on my iPhone, but quite a few were written on the laptop my Mister gave me as a gift for Christmas that I hadn’t honestly used all that much before this.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that since I’ve been on WordPress on my laptop instead of on my phone I’m noticing a lot of posts in the reader that I’m otherwise missing through emails. I know it’s my subscription preferences as my email was being inundated with email after email and it was just easier to read posts in my reader. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the images included with posts don’t show up in my emails and sometimes not even if I visit the page through Internet Explorer. I much more prefer reading them on WordPress.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I need to get up and go buy some clothes for my daughters. I don’t understand what these girls do all day at school that they come home with holes in their shirts and pants. I wonder if they have wrestling competitions. I was always a tidy child, probably more out of fear of what my mother would say about dirty and torn clothes than because I didn’t like to play hard. I highly dislike shopping though, unless it’s for books. Maybe I’ll stop by a bookstore on the way home and see what I can find.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I haven’t done much else other than attempt my best to not just let the last few of my A to Z Challenge posts turn out half-hearted. This is what happened last year, I started out strong and then lost motivation towards the end. I wanted to continue this year to write from my heart instead of just writing what was easy. I think I succeeded. After I get done shopping and picking up a bit, I’ll relax and wait for my Mister to come home so we can all eat dinner together and unwind and prepare together for the upcoming week. I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and/or productive weekend and if you participated in the A to Z Challenge, I hope you finished successfully! Have a wonderful upcoming week and thanks for stopping by!


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