Weekly Smile #48


Good morning blogger friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday! Last week was hectic! I work retail and we’ve been swamped with projects for the past month or so and it’s only getting busier as the holidays get closer! Job security I suppose. 😄

I’ve had this post sitting in an open browser window for about four hours now trying to think of something that made me smile this past week. Not that I really need a reason to smile because I try to smile often anyways. 🙂 Something that DID make me smile though was that I watched a live video last night done by blogger, Ra Avis, and she mentioned a post I had written that she had read and this might sound lame but it made me cry. Cry in a good way of course. I was in awe that something I wrote stuck with somebody, that my words weren’t just fleeting. It’s hard to explain. It made my 💖 happy. 😊

Then this morning I suppose I was feeling a bit strange, a bit sullen, a bit sad (it’s just this winter weather. It gives me a bit of the blues.) and my Mister (my significant other for those who are new to the blog) posted something sweet on my Facebook wall while I was asleep and it made me smile when I saw it. I think after four years of being with him I’m finally getting used to his kindness and his love for me after having been burned so much in past relationships. It’s a nice change. 😊

Really that’s all I’ve got. They may not seem like huge things to smile about, but they both made me incedibly happy! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a lovely upcoming week! 💞


6 thoughts on “Weekly Smile #48

  1. Actually they are both great smiles. I haven’t seen more than a few minutes of any of Ra’s live chats, but she is a great blogger. It is nice to know that something we shared touched someone else – we do it for ourselves, but if someone else gets something out of it, then it is a great feeling 🙂 And from some of your posts I can tell that you have a good relationship with your “Mister”. And it is sweet and romantic for him to do that 🙂

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  2. You definitely had something to smile about! I love watching Ra but I don’t usually get to watch her videos because I mostly read blogs on my phone, on the go so I don’t click on videos or FBLive because I won’t hear them (bad hearing) and because I’m not usually alone (with the grands and my daughter). Keep smiling!

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