Sometimes I want to screenshot your words because they make me feel things. Sometimes they make me cry, and it’s not always a bad type of crying, but really would it matter whether or not it was? The point would be that your words made me feel something, anything, more than what most other’s words do to me. I get lost in your tempo, it’s like a dance that I have to finish, a story I have become interwoven in whose end I must know or have it drive me mad, but there is no end anywhere in sight and for this I am thankful, but also pained. What if I never make it to the end? What if I never have the opportunity to find out what happens for you when there is nothing left? It’s maddening to think about and kicks my anxiety up a notch. Have I told you I’m in love with your words? They are a rare type of magic, as are you. But, of course, I may be wrong. After all, I don’t know you at all. All I know is that your words are a treasure for me in these days where treasure is hard to come by. They keep me grounded, remind me of what is real while also levitating me to the highest altitudes where I am more than happy to become lost in the clouds. Your words leave my mind spinning, my heart pounding, my palms sweaty. They are like a suspenseful novel and a lullaby, all rolled into one. Your words are a guiding light and that thing in the dark with the glowing, red eyes and sharp teeth. Your words are… there really are no words for how I feel about your words.


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