Inside the Lines


Does anyone even read words anymore? And I don’t mean the newspaper, magazines, meaningless pages and pages of garbage. Words, I mean heartfelt words that are oftentimes written from deep within broken hearts and spirits, shattered hopes and dreams, tragedy and depression. Does anyone remember the greatness that can come from these words? 

I’ve been horrible at keeping up with my blog. For awhile there I was doing well, posting a Weekend Coffee Share every Sunday, and attempting a Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers post a few times. Was it a few times? Maybe I never published it. A few other posts as well, but then I just kinda fell away. I watched my number of readers climb and it amazed me. I often wondered Do these people even care about what I’m writing? 

Maybe that’s why I don’t stay consistent with my writing. Because I figure what I have to say doesn’t matter much to anyone but me. And that’s okay with me. Afterall, I write for myself and maybe one other. One other that I’m always hoping will read my words. I always hope that this one person will understand what I am trying to say, where I am coming from. I don’t know if they do. That doesn’t much matter either though.

What can I say that would be real? And I don’t mean real in the sense of chatter about my day. My days are very mundane. Repetitive. Exhausting. I tried to explain once to someone that I love how exhausting life is for me and I think it depressed them. But it’s the truth. It’s the same motions, the same people, the same job, the same talk day in and day out. It’s like that movie Groundhog Day, you know, with Bill Murray. Always waiting to wake up and not be stuck on repeat. Only that never happens.

The thought of adulthood used to depress me when I was a child. The reality of working my fingers to the bone to buy a house and car and extravagant things for myself, my family, only to spend the rest of my life indebted to paying these things off. Adulthood always seemed like such a ripoff. And sometimes I still feel like this.

Ah yes, but the small things! Things like watching this tiny pup of mine in her playful days, becoming accustomed to her new surroundings while building bonds with our family. Things like watching my son excel in football this season. Listening to my Oldest Daughter sing in her school’s choir. Listening to Youngest Daughter tell me interesting things she learned in school and her artwork! It’s wonderful! No, these things make these dreadfully disappointing days worthwhile. It’s just all the moments in between that disappointment me.

These days move far too quickly yet all the while I feel as though I am standing still.



Weekend Coffee Post: January 29, 2017


Evening Bloggers! I hope everyone had a productive and/or relaxing weekend. I haven’t been feeling well and more or less tried to takr it easy this weekend. Honestly, I didn’t do much more than sit in my chair watching movies on Netflix. It was soothing though.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that this weather really sucks. It’s currently 51 degrees in my part of Texas. That might not seem cold to some, but for me, it’s unpleasant. I’m ready for summer.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that last week I had a panic attack while driving to pick up my Little People from school and had to call my Mister to come get us. I wasn’t sure how long it would last and I was terrified to drive with the kids in the car. It wasn’t a terribly awful panic attack, but I was pretty shaky and overall unbalanced. I’m sure it was a combination of things that brought it on. I’m still not feeling 100%, but I’m doing better than I was Friday.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I found out last week that my student counselor will be graduating soon and so if I want to continue counseling at the college I have been going to for counseling, I will have to start all over again with a new counselor. My current counselor assures me that she will only pick the best counselor and that she will give her detailed notes about our talks, but I’m not sure I want to start over with someone new. It’s taken me nearly five months to build the level of trust I have with my current counselor and I’m not sure I have the strength to go through that again. Alas, I have no health insurance and cannot go to a professional. It is what it is.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that a few weeks ago my supervisor named me as the new Associate Coach. He asked for volunteers for various positions and I’m not really the volunteering type. I enjoy what I do. My job is fairly simple and extremely soothing. It’s repetitive and I enjoy that. There are never any surprises and now I have been put in charge of showing new associates what to do, answer their questions, be friendly and available, all the things I was thankful my job previously didn’t involve. My position previously involved very little contact with other employees and now it seems this is about to change. It makes me anxious. 😕 Alas I am a team player and a people pleaser and my Boss along with several other teammates volunteered me for the position so… yeah.

If we were having coffee I would ask if I had mentioned that I bought a new journal… I lost count of how many that is in the past year and a half… I’m going to guess somewhere around ten-ish… I haven’t stayed consistent so far, mostly because I haven’t been feeling well. I also haven’t written anything in quite some time, but I have been reading quite a bit this weekend and actually finished a murder mystery. Maybe it’s considered a thriller. I’m not really sure. I really liked it though. It was a good story.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’ve been staying as consistent with checking my emails as I can between not feeling well, taking care of three children, my Mister and our new puppy. I’ve read some wonderful posts, posts that have given me glimpses into the lives of bloggers I love to read the fictional words of, words that allow me to catch glimpses of dreams and desires, tidbits about the happenings in everyone’s lives. Reading everyone’s posts helps me to not feel as disconnected as I have been the past week or so. Your words matter to me. 💖

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. I hope everyone is doing well and is able to be productive in their writing and daily lives this week. 🙂

Weekly Smile #55


Good Morning Lovely Bloggers and Happy Saturday! I don’t know what it feels like outside because I’ve just only rolled out of bed a short while ago after being woken up by my two young daughters and my new puppy. The puppy has a doctor’s appointment today because I think she’s not feeling well.

The Mister got the puppy, whom he named LeeLee, a few weeks ago from a friend of a friend. The puppy is absolutely precious but doesn’t sleep much at night. She whines at the door until someone gets up and lets her out, which I’ll admit is pretty impressive, but then after she is let outside and does her business she wants to stay up and play. Very early this morning was one of those times.

She woke up around 3 a.m. and went outside and pottied and then we sat in the living room until nearly 6 a.m. with her alternating between chewing on me and licking me. Finally I Googled some puppy relaxation videos (YouTube has the craziest stuff on it! 😄) and put one on and wouldn’t you know the Little Girl fell right to sleep?

This is my amazing puppy:


Even though she’s kind of high maintenance right now and I’m more than kind of exhausted, I know (I hope) that she will outgrow this period of constantly waking up every few hours wanting to go outside. Right now I’m trying to think of this as having a new baby in the house. She makes me happy, makes the children happy and makes the Mister happy and that’s a huge smile right there.



And if I asked you to meet me on the beach, with the moon so high above us, would you go the distance to stand with me underneath the stars, our toes in the sand, my hand in yours, even if for only one night? Would you shrink away from me if I told you that there’s something about you that sets my soul on fire like I’ve found something precious to me that I thought I had lost long ago?

If I texted you at three in the morning and asked you what you were thinking in that exact moment, would you ignore my message and later tell me you had gotten busy or had been asleep and had forgotten to respond? Or would you call me and let me hear your voice, tell me what you remembered from the dreams you had while I was trying to chase away my own nightmares? Would you stay awake with me and hum me a lullaby until I stopped whispering and my breathing became even or would you tell me you had to be up very early and promise to chat some other time?

And what about those moments when it all becomes too much for me? Would you tell me to get over it, that I’ve said it all before and that things never change? Would you tell me things aren’t as bad as they seem? Or would you wrap your arm around me, let me lean on you, paint me a new world with one of your beautiful stories? Would you light the way through the darkness like a star so bright I can’t help but wish upon it every time I see it?

Take a Walk With Me


Turn the page,

Don’t stop reading now.

This is the good part.


The climax is approaching,

a surprise in store,

just read a little further,

I promise it gets better.


Pull the covers around you,

ignore that sound you just heard.

I promise it’s nothing.

The words are just beginning.


Walk with me through these worlds,

don’t let go of my hand.

Take this journey with me,

let’s discover this new place together.


I won’t spoil the ending,

tell me what you’re thinking.

Was it all that you had hoped for?

Where do you want this to lead to?


The best part is it never has to end,

so long as you don’t want it to.

Just say the word

and I’ll create a world for you,

the world you’ve always wanted.