Weekend Coffee Share 12/18/16


Good evening Lovely Blogger Friends! I hope everyone has had a wonderful and productive weekend! It’s currently 20 degrees in my part of Texas but I’ve got the heater turned up to a solid 80 degrees or so… at least until the Mister gets home in which case I know he will say it feels wonderful for all of five minutes and then he will be melting and inevitably beg for me to turn it down to at least sixty-five. 😄 Naturally, I will but only until he falls asleep and then back up to at least 75 it goes!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am exhausted. I did about six loads of laundry today and the Girls and I cleaned the house. We also went Christmas shopping and were unproductive in finding the gift I wanted to get the Mister so I ended up ordering it online and having it shipped to the Mister’s parent’s house as I’m not sure what days my apartment complex’s office will be open to receive packages. I’m excited for him to get his gift, it’s something I know he has been wanting but with a few extra goodies along with it. I’ll write more about it after Christmas but wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. 😄

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and actually finished a Kindle ebook of some 500+ pages in two days! It may have been closer to 400 pages, but it was a lot for me, considering I don’t usually have time to read. I’m now working on another book that has held my attention so far. I can’t wait to see how it ends!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that Friday was the last day of school for the Little People for two whole weeks! I was extremely stressed about where the Girls were going to be for those two weeks because I knew the Mister’s parents were going out of town for a while and I was apprehensive about putting the Girls back in daycare because I got screwed out of quite a bit of money the last time they were in daycare. 😕 Thankfully, the Mister’s mom agreed to watch them for this whole coming up week minus the two days the Mister has off from work and then the Mister will also keep the girls home with him for his two days off during the week next week so the Girls will actually only be at daycare for three days, thank Heavens! Daycare is expensive! As is most things that children require. 😕 I was really starting to get stressed out about the daycare situation, but now it’s taken care of.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I actually remembered one of my dreams last night. 😮 This is unusual for me, I haven’t remembered but maybe two dreams in over a year now. I’m not sure why I stopped remembering what I was dreaming about, but most of my dreams are actually nightmares so I suppose I’m thankful for that. My dream was unnerving and a past recurring dream of mine. I don’t too much know what it means or why I have the same dream periodically but it left me feeling just bad. Getting out and about with the Girls today helped a lot.

I would also tell you that the Girls haven’t been fighting nearly as much today as they usually do on the weekends and it has shocked the heck out of me! 😮 It makes me happy though to see them getting along so well. I wish I would’ve had a brother or sister to grow up with, unfortunately I was an only child, spoiled but lonely. I’m thankful the Girls have each other. My son also let the Girls hang out in his room for a bit this weekend and I tagged along. We watched him play one of his scary video games and we all screamed quite a bit at all the jump scares. 😄 It was good fun.

And that’s how my weekend has gone! I’ve been steadily checking my emails and trying to catch up on everyone’s blog posts! I’ve noticed that there’s quite a few more people participating in the Weekend Coffee Share and I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is staying warm! Have a great upcoming week! 💖

Weekly Smile #50


Ahhhh Evenin’ Blogger Friends! I hope everyone is warmer than I am right now. 😮 It’s currently 18 degrees in my part of Texas and I’m only waiting for the Mister to fall asleep so I can turn the heater up to 80. 😄

This weekend has been a quiet one thankfully. Not much has happened, not really anything worth noting but I felt I should keep with this new habit of finding something to smile about, so here I am!

I did receive an award at work yesterday after having received three previous awards over the past six months or so. After you receive three of the previous awards, you receive this special award and also a $50 bonus on your upcoming paycheck which will be coming right on time for Christmas!

Also two out of the three Little People are currently sound asleep! (This is an accomplishment for a weekend night. 😄) I suppose this means they had a good day!

I hope everyone is staying warm! ☃️

Weekend Coffee Share: December 11, 2016


Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Currently it is 56 degrees outside according to the wearher app on my phone, I wouldn’t know if this is accurate or not because I haven’t been outside yet. I’m comfortably seated in my warm recliner daydreaming about being at the beach. 😄

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I actually drank coffee this morning before I started writing this post! It was a breakfast blend of some sort with some vanilla creamer (my favorite!). Coffee makes me so jittery though. I’m also sleepy though so it’s a strange combination. 😕 It would’ve been nice to have a banana nut muffin to go along with the coffee, alas, there were none.

This weekend was pretty great. Friday the Mister and I and the Little People went to the Mister’s parent’s house for Youngest’s birthday and it was wonderful! She got some Ninja Turtle toys and we had cupcakes!


The icing was really delicious! There were small slivers of icing ribbons on the tops, they’re kind of difficult to see in the picture but trust me when I say they were awesome! 😄 The Mister’s parents also got Youngest a Ninja Turtle guitar which she has been strumming on every now and then. It was a lovely party with the family!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the Mister was super awesome last week and not only went shopping for Youngest’s birthday gift but he also got the kids and I our Christmas gifts and wrapped them! It’s driving me absolutely insane not knowing what he got me! He told me though that it’s actually two gifts because you can’t have one without the other and that whatever it is that he got me are things that I have mentioned more than once over the past couple of years and that he knows I will love it. I have no clue what it could be unless it’s a box full of sleep which is something I haven’t had an adequate amount of since 2003 back before our Oldest was born… 😦 I could hibernate for a couple of months or so… 😄

This week has been a quiet one and I’m thankful for that. I enjoy and appreciate these moments with my family and always wish we had more of them, alas, work and life happen. We currently have a pot roast cooking in the crock pot for dinner tonight and I’m extremely excited about that as well because BEEF. 😄

That’s really all that has happened this week. Life has been moving along quite nicely and I can’t believe that there is only twenty (20!) days left of 2016! 😮 Where has this year gone??

I hope everyone has an amazingly awesome and relaxing Sunday and a wonderful upcoming week!

Weekly Smile #49


Good morning Blogger Friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. 🙂 It’s 43 degrees over here in Texas with a projected high of 56. 😮 Needless to say, I will be staying indoors today! 😄

Honestly I was sitting here debating if I would even post a weekly smile this week, this was a really hard week for me. Nothing specific has happened to make me feel this way, maybe just a few little things that rubbed me the wrong way. But I decided that I would try my best to find something that truly made me smile.

Thursday was my Youngest daughter’s 6th birthday! The Mister bought her a remote control car which is something that she has been saying for awhile now that she wanted and she loved it! I really like it that the batteries are rechargeable as we already go through an ungodly amount of batteries just from our son’s Xbox wireless controller alone! Whatever happened to the good ole days of reading books and drawing???

Last night we went to the Mister’s parent’s house to continue Youngest’s birthday celebration! Her grandparents got her a Ninja Turtle guitar and a Casey Jones action figure! So far her sister has been strumming on the guitar more than she actually has but Youngest is still having a great time playing with her new action figure along with a Ninja Turtle action figure she got last year for either Christmas or her birthday, I can’t remember which.

I love seeing my kids happy. It’s one of the only things in life that truly make my heart sing and if that isn’t enough to post for a Weekly Smile every week, I don’t know what is. 😄


Weekly Smile #48


Good morning blogger friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday! Last week was hectic! I work retail and we’ve been swamped with projects for the past month or so and it’s only getting busier as the holidays get closer! Job security I suppose. 😄

I’ve had this post sitting in an open browser window for about four hours now trying to think of something that made me smile this past week. Not that I really need a reason to smile because I try to smile often anyways. 🙂 Something that DID make me smile though was that I watched a live video last night done by blogger, Ra Avis, and she mentioned a post I had written that she had read and this might sound lame but it made me cry. Cry in a good way of course. I was in awe that something I wrote stuck with somebody, that my words weren’t just fleeting. It’s hard to explain. It made my 💖 happy. 😊

Then this morning I suppose I was feeling a bit strange, a bit sullen, a bit sad (it’s just this winter weather. It gives me a bit of the blues.) and my Mister (my significant other for those who are new to the blog) posted something sweet on my Facebook wall while I was asleep and it made me smile when I saw it. I think after four years of being with him I’m finally getting used to his kindness and his love for me after having been burned so much in past relationships. It’s a nice change. 😊

Really that’s all I’ve got. They may not seem like huge things to smile about, but they both made me incedibly happy! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a lovely upcoming week! 💞

Weekend Coffee Share: December 3, 2016


Evening! I would’ve posted this much earlier today but honestly I’ve been lazy yet extremely productive at the same time. I’m working around the house in spurts today! The kitchen is mostly finished and I’ve done a good amount of laundry. My daughters have helped me clean up the living room and then they cleaned up their bedroom. They’re actually playing together right now while pausing periodically to watch whatever cartoon is playing on the television.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that according to the weather app on my phone, it’s 45 degrees outside but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t been outside at all today. I don’t particularly care to be freezing when I could be snuggled up warm on the couch with my huge, fluffy blanket. 😮

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been watching Britain’s Got Talent all day long and I cried at two songs that were sang… 😮 Why am I such a baby when it comes to the words of others? There were a few really beautiful songs.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the Mister and I got a notice on our apartment door yesterday saying that our second year at the apartment is approaching with a deadline to either sign another lease for next year or to give notice that we will be vacating. The apartments are also raising our rent whether we sign a yearly lease or if we pay month to month. Now we have about three weeks to make up our minds. Talk about pressure… 😮

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the approaching apartment lease renewal deadline isn’t the only deadline making me nervous. With Christmas break approaching I now have to find a daycare for the girls to go to and everywhere I have called is wanting to charge me an ungodly amount of money for just two weeks of vacation. I’m talking $500+. For two weeks… 😮

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I haven’t been very productive in the art challenge, but I’ve stayed fairly consistent with the #Blogidays challenge, which I’m pretty happy about. The #Blogidays challenge is basically a continuation of #NaBloPoMo challenge which was blogging every day in November. The #Blogidays challenge is blogging every day in December! I’m proud of myself for staying as consistent as I have!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I wish I could stick around and chat some more, alas I have a screaming five year old and a house to clean. 😞 I hope everyone is having a productive weekend and I’m going to try to catch up on posts momentarily. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


If We Were Having Coffee on the 27th of November


Good morning Blogger Friends! For once I’ve actually got a pot of coffee brewing as I write this, courtesy of my Mister! This is a first! 😄 I hope everyone had a lovely week and is having a wonderful close to the weekend!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the Mister, myself, our children, and his parents went to Oklahoma on Wednesday to his family’s house for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful! Everyone was so nice to the kids and I and the food was wonderful! This is only the second time that the kids and I have been out there but it felt like we’ve been going out there every year for a lifetime. I love it when families click like that.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the weather is confusing right now in Texas. In the morning it’s in the 50’s, in the afternoon it’s in the 70’s and then we’re back down to the 50’s in the evening. I’m dreading the icy weather that is approaching. People in Texas already drive like jerks and it’s even worse in the winter.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I bought a box of Christmas cards and then realized that I have no one to send them to. 😮 But I love Christmas cards. I suppose I will give one to the handful of work friends that I have, send one to my parents in Florida and of course to the Mister’s parents. And then I’ll still have twenty-two Christmas cards sitting in a box to be forgotten about. I’ll end up buying a new box next year. It was only $3 for a box of thirty cards though so I won’t complain. 😄

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have abandoned my NanoWrimo novel but that I have been posting faithfully for NanoPoblano which is National Blog Posting Month. I do believe the group of people who have been participating in this challenge, or at least a large number of them, have decided to carry the challenge on into December, which I’m excited about! These challenges keep me posting every day and the inspiration flows more frequently and abundantly.

I hope everyone had a lovely week last week and that you got a lot of writing done! I’m going to attempt to link up my post now and I’ve never done this before so please do cross your fingers for me! 😄