30DOW: Day 21



I want to know what makes you laugh. What makes your eyes twinkle with mischief, with amusement, with desire? I want to know what makes you happy. But not just happy- truly, amazingly, unabashedly ecstatic. What makes you glow from the inside out?

I want to know what scares you. And I don’t mean “sleep with the lights on” scared. I mean what sends your heart racing, your palms sweating, your mind spinning, what makes your breath catch in your throat and leaves you shaking in terror?

I want to know what makes you cry. Is it painful memories from the past? Things you wish you could forget but that haunt not only your dreams but your every waking moment as well. What makes your heart clench, makes you swallow more than once, has you choking back tears at even just the mere roundabout mention of it? I want to know what makes your soul sob.

I want to know what you dream about. Do you dream in color? Is it always the same faces, so close yet so far at the same time? Do you awaken in a cold sweat, terrified? Or do you wish you could make those dreaming moments last just a little bit longer, do you wish you could turn back the hands of time?

I want to know what you are thinking. Where do you go when you get that far away look in your eyes? Are you thinking of lost love? About a project you’re working on? About the past? The future? Are you wanting to be somewhere else?

I want to know you. But not your favorite color, your favorite food, your favorite movie. Not that these things aren’t important, but they are things even the least observant person can learn over time. I want to know the things you’re too afraid to tell the world. I want to see the parts of you that you are swearing you will only let the “right one” see. I want to see you in your truest form. I just want to know You.


3 thoughts on “30DOW: Day 21

  1. Hmm.
    1. What makes me laugh? Very little.
    2. What makes me happy? Looking at Wentworth Miller.
    3. What scares me? The thought of getting on an airplane. That thought terrifies me.
    4. What makes me cry? I haven’t cried in more than fifty years. What makes my soul sob? The waste of my life.
    5. What do I dream about? The ones I remember are nightmares. Do I dream in color? Yes I do. Do I wake up in a cold sweat? Not much anymore.
    6. What am I thinking? I’m thinking I bet you’re sorry you asked. LOL What are the things that I’m afraid to tell the world? I would only tell you privately.


  2. If one person could know another in a way that all of your questions would be answered … that person could be the central character in a novel of true horror and terror. That character could take over the world … one person at a time.

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