Weekly Smile #75


Ah Weekly Smile #75! I’m truly awful with keeping up with these… Let’s see… I’ve been keeping up a little better with my house cleaning, which is a miracle with three children and a puppy and this does make me smile! Work has been going well enough, I suppose. I have my health, my family, freedom, creative inspiration, all of which of course we should Smile about every day but that I sometimes take for granted. This week I’ve tried to remember to smile even when I didn’t particularly feel like it and I think it’s made a difference!


Weekly Smile #73


Ahhh Weekly Smile time! I think this may become a wonderful weekly gratitude post for me! The two biggest smiles for me this week have been that I have written every day this week (which makes me extremely happy!) and today I hit 500 subscribers on my blog which is a tremendous honor for me! I hope I can keep the creative momentum going! Pretty great week for me! 💖

Weekly Smile #71


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weekly smile but I received an email this morning that reminded me about it so I decided to post one!

Yesterday I received an award at work! It was for helping to keep important numbers low by hustling, hustling, hustling! 😍 I would post a picture but I have other people in the picture with me and would have to take the time to get their consent which I know I’ll forget about.

This award marks a milestone for me and I’ll actually receive another award for having hit this milestone. We receive a special award after we receive three of these regular awards. To date I’ve received six regular awards in the year and a half that I’ve been at my job!

And you? What made you smile this week?

Weekly Smile #55


Good Morning Lovely Bloggers and Happy Saturday! I don’t know what it feels like outside because I’ve just only rolled out of bed a short while ago after being woken up by my two young daughters and my new puppy. The puppy has a doctor’s appointment today because I think she’s not feeling well.

The Mister got the puppy, whom he named LeeLee, a few weeks ago from a friend of a friend. The puppy is absolutely precious but doesn’t sleep much at night. She whines at the door until someone gets up and lets her out, which I’ll admit is pretty impressive, but then after she is let outside and does her business she wants to stay up and play. Very early this morning was one of those times.

She woke up around 3 a.m. and went outside and pottied and then we sat in the living room until nearly 6 a.m. with her alternating between chewing on me and licking me. Finally I Googled some puppy relaxation videos (YouTube has the craziest stuff on it! 😄) and put one on and wouldn’t you know the Little Girl fell right to sleep?

This is my amazing puppy:


Even though she’s kind of high maintenance right now and I’m more than kind of exhausted, I know (I hope) that she will outgrow this period of constantly waking up every few hours wanting to go outside. Right now I’m trying to think of this as having a new baby in the house. She makes me happy, makes the children happy and makes the Mister happy and that’s a huge smile right there.

Weekly Smile #50


Ahhhh Evenin’ Blogger Friends! I hope everyone is warmer than I am right now. 😮 It’s currently 18 degrees in my part of Texas and I’m only waiting for the Mister to fall asleep so I can turn the heater up to 80. 😄

This weekend has been a quiet one thankfully. Not much has happened, not really anything worth noting but I felt I should keep with this new habit of finding something to smile about, so here I am!

I did receive an award at work yesterday after having received three previous awards over the past six months or so. After you receive three of the previous awards, you receive this special award and also a $50 bonus on your upcoming paycheck which will be coming right on time for Christmas!

Also two out of the three Little People are currently sound asleep! (This is an accomplishment for a weekend night. 😄) I suppose this means they had a good day!

I hope everyone is staying warm! ☃️