Two More Days

Have you ever seen the movie The Ring? Seven Days… This is how I’m saying the title of this post. Creepily and ominously…

NanoWrimo begins on Tuesday.

Just let that sink in for a moment…

I will say that I have been much more productive with my planning of the novel I am about to attempt to write than I was last year, but I haven’t gotten nearly as much work done on it as I would have liked. I figure some progress is better than none at all and I’m trying to keep in mind that whatever I write in this thirty day period will only be a first draft. There’s always room to improve.

Mostly I’m very excited! I’ve told people in my life that I am planning on working on a 50,000 word novel and everyone has been very supportive. A part of me wonders if they are being a bit patronizing, but even if they are, it’s no matter to me. I am going to try my best and get this novel written.

If you are planning on participating in this year’s NanoWrimo, I wish you luck! I hope everyone has a productive and happy Monday!