Three Line Tales (TLT) Week 45


Worth A Million Words

Sonya set the camera inconspicuously on the counter in the kitchen and set the timer before heading to bed.

She was going to figure out which one of the kids was knocking over her potted plants after she went to bed.

Harry, her tabby cat, sat on the counter next to the plants and flicked his tail back and forth in excitement as he waited for his owner to go to bed so he could play in his favorite jungle-like litter boxes.


TLT- Week Forty-Four


“I don’t wanna go to Grandma’s house for Christmas if she’s going to make me eat those weird different colored sponges that taste horrible,” Christopher whined.

“But Grandma’s macaroons are what made her a world renowned chef,” Mom said with a look of bewilderment.

“I don’t mind skipping Christmas altogether this year if it means I don’t have to eat her sponges,” Christopher said with a pout.