Thinking about how much I hate wasting my words on people and situations that don’t deserve them and I turn to pen and paper instead. Half the time my spoken words aren’t acknowledged and the other half of the time they are disregarded. It’s not this way when I write though. It’s not that I’m seeking acknowledgment but why ask me what’s on my mind if only to half listen? I’ve already spent so much of my life living this way and I don’t have the time or patience for it anymore. Thinking about the award I received at work today as appreciation for all of my efforts over the past few months and it made me feel good for awhile to think that for a change I’ve done something right. Maybe not even that I’ve done something right but that I am being acknowledged. It’s like wandering through the darkness sometimes, my eyes on that light at the end and while I am focused, sometimes I become temporarily distracted by things to which I am also only a temporary distraction.


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