I’m drawn to him like a moth to the flame, seeking a little bit of light in a world of darkness. I think it’s the gentle beating of his heart, it’s hypnotizing, always consistent, always steady. It keeps me calm in my anxious states. When my mind won’t stop twirling around and around, the nerve-wracking paranoia threatening to overcome me, his touch, it’s what I crave. His scent- it caresses my soul and reminds me to breathe. He is my addiction, that which I come back to time and time again, pulled towards him by an undeniable urge. But sometimes, like magnets, I get flipped turned wrong side ’round and everything in me tries to push away as hard as I can for as long as I can. And when I have righted myself, after the moment has passed, I cling to him and realize he is clinging back with the same magnitude.


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