Heavenly Hellish



Tender fingertips reach out to draw him near. Soft lips caressing his cheek. Everything in me submits to him.

Jagged claws and bared teeth, a low growl when he gets too close. Seeking solitude I try to hide, but it seems he’s always near. Feeling cornered, I am ready to pounce.

Delicate kisses and whispered affection, fingers gliding softly on silky skin. My hair a halo against our pillows. My eyes watch him as though in a dream.

Blood red nails tear gashes down his back. Teeth clamping into his shoulder. Fingers tangle in a mass of wavy, brown hair as I remind him that all of him is mine.

Heart opening up to let him see the brokenness. Allowing him to mend me piece by piece. Allowing us both to learn to trust again, showing him everything I am.

Walls slamming down with angry permanence. The woman he knew yesterday a faint memory. I know he’s used to the two sides of me. How heavenly hellish it must be to love me.


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