What Comes Next


I’ve watched a video of new love so many times since yesterday that I have the words memorized. Maybe it was staged, maybe not. Regardless, it makes my heart twitch. Do people really profess their love like this? It seems strange to, it seems strange not to. I’ve always thought there was something amazingly wondrous about declaring your love for another. It’s bold and brave and frightening, even when you know it’s reciprocated. Maybe especially when you know it’s reciprocated. Watching one of the partners staring up at the other, eyes so wide with disbelief and excitement, this love has been hinted at many times before but never has it been expressed outright, especially never publicly. It was beautiful to watch the reaction of one of the two, eyes so wide, mouth slightly open, a moment of breathlessness because could this be true? Is this just a joke? Tongue tied, palms sweating, heart racing. Did one of them hold their breath? It’s so hard to remember to breathe when new love is professed, confessed, revealed in only that moment when it’s absolutely perfect. And what does the next moment bring? A hug, a kiss, a gentle touch of the hands. And then what? Does life go on? Does time stop? New love, like the smell of a new car. So clean, so bright, so flawless. Because it’s always flawless in the beginning, like a perfectly shaped cloud on a summer day. Not a bit of gray in the puff of fluff, only white lines on white fuzz, like pure cotton, although not even  cotton that has yet to be harvested is pure. Like a glass of spring water, or what we call spring water, no carbonation, no lemon slices, no mint leaves, just clear, sparkling water that you know will quench that thirst that you’ve been dying from for so long. Like roaring flames in the fireplace to warm your insides after you walked so far through that neverending blizzard, a cup of steaming tea or maybe hot cocoa waiting for you in your favorite ceramic mug, warming the parts inside of you that you thought had frozen a long time ago. Maybe it’s all of these things or maybe it’s none of them. Maybe it’s different for everyone, every time. Watching the two of them looking at each other though reminded me how beautiful it all can be.


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