Standing underneath a billion tiny stars, wondering what will happen next, it takes my breath away. Wishing I had someone to share this moment with, someone who could appreciate the wonder of it all as much as I do. Not that I am alone but sometimes even when you’re not, you are. Always waiting for a shooting star, making a wish on the brightest one and pretending I don’t see the rest because your wish only comes true when it’s the first star of the night, right? These beautiful lights that cover every inch of the darkened sky remind me how insignificant it all is and I am humbled.


3 thoughts on “Celestial

  1. Seriously, nothing like quiet, crisp night with a bunch of bright stars to make you feel so small in the universe. Moments like those make my mind wander about all the other life forms out there or about who may else be looking to at the same stars someplace else in the world.

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