Weekend Coffee Share March 19,2017


Ah another Sunday gone before I knew what was happening. 😄 The weather was nice today. My iPhone’s weather app says it’s currently 78 degrees outside. I had the heat on earlier though because I get cold so easily.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that this weekend was really long for some reason. I feel like it was a week ago that I was last at work. I’m still not quite ready to go back to work though. I was fairly productive with my writing this weekend. That’s what I’m telling myself anyways.

I cleaned my bedroom again today. Our tiny puppy has made it a habit of tearing apart her pillow and I’ve grown quite tired of coming home to fluff scattered all over my room. I thought about sewing up her pillow, but ended up just throwing it out instead. She has an enormous blanket that she uses and honestly she sleeps at the end of our bed anyhow.

The Mister recently bought a Turbo Scrub carpet cleaner machine and today was the first day that I’ve used it. I deep cleaned our bedroom carpet and it quite horrified me at how dingy the water was once I was done. I’ve got my Scentsy going with some beach smell burning and I’ve got a fan on as well to help dry the carpet. I think it’s nearly finished. I’m hoping by cleaning it the puppy may discouraged from dragging in all of her dirty toys from outside. 😄

If we were having coffee I would tell you that this weekend was yet another weekend in which I told myself again that I would write some fiction. Instead, I wrote a few blog posts, did several loads of laundry, did my dishes, cleaned my bedroom and made dinner. I suppose I can forgive myself this one time for not writing any fiction. 😄

If we were having coffee I would thank you for stopping by! I hope that you had a productive weekend and that you have a lovely upcoming week! 💖


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