Weekly Smile #55


Good Morning Lovely Bloggers and Happy Saturday! I don’t know what it feels like outside because I’ve just only rolled out of bed a short while ago after being woken up by my two young daughters and my new puppy. The puppy has a doctor’s appointment today because I think she’s not feeling well.

The Mister got the puppy, whom he named LeeLee, a few weeks ago from a friend of a friend. The puppy is absolutely precious but doesn’t sleep much at night. She whines at the door until someone gets up and lets her out, which I’ll admit is pretty impressive, but then after she is let outside and does her business she wants to stay up and play. Very early this morning was one of those times.

She woke up around 3 a.m. and went outside and pottied and then we sat in the living room until nearly 6 a.m. with her alternating between chewing on me and licking me. Finally I Googled some puppy relaxation videos (YouTube has the craziest stuff on it! 😄) and put one on and wouldn’t you know the Little Girl fell right to sleep?

This is my amazing puppy:


Even though she’s kind of high maintenance right now and I’m more than kind of exhausted, I know (I hope) that she will outgrow this period of constantly waking up every few hours wanting to go outside. Right now I’m trying to think of this as having a new baby in the house. She makes me happy, makes the children happy and makes the Mister happy and that’s a huge smile right there.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Smile #55

    • 😦 How old are they? I told my Mister we mind as well have the three other kiddies I’ve been wanting for so long now to bring us to a grand total of 7 because having a puppy is just like having an older infant 😂 I think I slept sometime two weeks ago… 😄

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      • They’re about 2 1/2. They don’t need out, they’re just bed hogs 😉 Also they sometimes move around in the middle of the night. Lately one of them, Fiyero, whines at 2 in the morning because he wants to steal the other ones, Idina’s, spot. they’re a lot of fun though!

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