And if I asked you to meet me on the beach, with the moon so high above us, would you go the distance to stand with me underneath the stars, our toes in the sand, my hand in yours, even if for only one night? Would you shrink away from me if I told you that there’s something about you that sets my soul on fire like I’ve found something precious to me that I thought I had lost long ago?

If I texted you at three in the morning and asked you what you were thinking in that exact moment, would you ignore my message and later tell me you had gotten busy or had been asleep and had forgotten to respond? Or would you call me and let me hear your voice, tell me what you remembered from the dreams you had while I was trying to chase away my own nightmares? Would you stay awake with me and hum me a lullaby until I stopped whispering and my breathing became even or would you tell me you had to be up very early and promise to chat some other time?

And what about those moments when it all becomes too much for me? Would you tell me to get over it, that I’ve said it all before and that things never change? Would you tell me things aren’t as bad as they seem? Or would you wrap your arm around me, let me lean on you, paint me a new world with one of your beautiful stories? Would you light the way through the darkness like a star so bright I can’t help but wish upon it every time I see it?


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