Weekly Smile #53


Wow! I’m actually writing before I go to bed! 😄 I’ve been absent for awhile now but not because of laziness or lack of inspiration. I actually have a valid reason this time! The Mister and I and the kids moved out of our apartment and into a house! 😍 We’ve been here for a week now and extremely busy just adjusting to life in a new home, not to mention I’ve been working at 5 a.m. for the past week. 😕 I agreed to work these hours for some offered overtime and have been exhausted. 😴 Five a.m. is a ridiculous hour for me to be alive. 😒

I haven’t really done much, just trying to get the house in order while also trying to organize and clean the old apartment which has been challenging. We don’t have much left at the apartment but it’s enough to make me want to just throw it all out. 😄 We’ve got everything important that we need at the new house, like the coffee maker!

I really love it that we now have a fairly decent sized backyard that the girls can run around in and scream and yell all they want without the neighbors complaining. My Oldest daughter has been working on her artwork and Youngest has been playing with the new Legos her and her sister got for Christmas. Everyone seems much happier, which makes me happy.

The Mister has his heart set on getting a puppy! He wants a Husky but I want a Pomeranian so we’ve agreed to see if we can’t compromise and find a Pomsky! I’ve been Googling images of Pomskies all day long and am absolutely in love! 😍 They’re too cute! I can’t wait to get a puppy. It’s been too long since I’ve had an animal companion and I think the children will enjoy it as well.

And these are the things that have made me smile this past week! 😄


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