30DOW: Day 13


The Storm

As the storm rages around me, I try to remember that it was shelter I was seeking. I gaze around at the remnants of what was and wonder how this happened. My home, my haven, now a shell of it’s former self. These things, things I thought made up who I am and what we are, I see now that they are meaningless.

The storm, god this storm, it beats against me, unrelentingly and I have long forgotten that I hate the wind and the rain.    They have become such a big part of me, it’s as if it has always been this way.

He reaches out and takes my hand and I can see that he too is weary, yet his love for me is so intense that he is content to weather out this storm. He has always been by my side. He always will be by my side. Somehow this makes the storm not so frightening. Not so unbearable. Not so devastating.

The storm rages on but I am here now. I am safe.


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