Blogging Alias/ Pen Name

Is it weird that I blog under a made up name? (Sorry if this was a nasty shock to you… Alas, it’s the truth.) When I first started my blog I had debated on whether or not I would use my own name and decided it wasn’t the best idea. I made and deleted) a few different blogs before I made a commitment to Write On and those blogs were more a place for me to express my feelings. I was going through a bit of a hard time when I made these blogs and wasn’t able to find comfort in anything or anyone in my life so I turned to writing.

There aren’t very many people in my life that know about my blog, I talk about it a little bit with my Work Family, mostly to tell them when my number of followers is rising, but for the most part, I keep it pretty much to myself. It’s not that I am afraid someone I know in real life will find out about my blog and disapprove, because I could care less what the majority of these real life people think.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I blog under an alias other than sometimes it is easier for me to write honestly about the things I think and feel when I am able to separate myself from these things, when I am able to look at these things from another perspective, pretend for a moment that there are no consequences for my words. And posting under my pen name has so far allowed me to do this.

But when is the time to post under my real name? Do I have to do this? I was thinking about it today when I was thinking about things to posts on my Facebook page. Being that Facebook pages are public, everybody in the world will be able to see mine. And what will they think? Will it really matter to me? (The answer to that is not really 😄 alas it is still a passing question in my mind.)

I’m really just tossing around ideas in my head. Since I had decided to post more about all of the things in my life that contribute to my creativity I was wondering if it would come off sounding weird or strange that the life of Me is being portrayed by basically Me only with a fictitious name.

Honestly, I don’t care if it is weird. It’s just what was on my mind.


💖 A. Kidd


5 thoughts on “Blogging Alias/ Pen Name

  1. I toyed with the idea of using my real name but chose to use a pen. (A few of you know my real name.)
    Sometimes, I think …”why not?” I spent a lifetime protecting somebody. Why not expose him and the destruction he caused? I guess the answer, at least for now, is…my children.

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