Blog Redesign?

I was thinking about doing one. And by redesign, I mean more of content. While the primary purpose of my blog had been to help pull myself out of the creative rut I had found myself in, I realized that while I was trying to stick to all things and only things creative, that I was forgetting that the most important things that spark my creativity are the things that happen in my life every day- people, places, events, heck even spoken words, songs, poems, others’ blog posts, there is so much inspiration all around me and who knows what I might share that might inspire someone else? I feel as though I’ve been constricting myself by saying that I need to only post about writing-related things, because as an aspiring writer, everything in my life is writing-related.

I also feel as though I need to get out of the habit of blogging strictly on my phone and utilize my computer more often. Sure it’s slow as molasses, but seeing how I’m going to be participating in NanoWrimo (which starts in four (4!!!) days,) I need to create in a peaceful environment. Being that I use my phone for all of my WordPress blogging, I’m usually in the living room, with the t.v. on and children screaming in the background. My bedroom is a bit quieter and I think finding a time when all three of the Little People are in bed for me to sit in front of my screen would be beneficial for my writing.

I’m going to do this.

One of the things that has inspired this change of thinking on my part is when I reaized that there are so many things that make up our desire to be what we want- to be writers. Sure it might mostly be a passion to have our stories read by others, to have our words acknowledged, understood, accepted by people whom can relate, but I think a lot of it is also a desire to release the things that burn so brightly inside of us- the truths, the beauty, the lies, the stories, the experiences, the memories, the list goes on and on. And I haven’t really been able to do this because I’ve been trying to limit myself to just posting about writing. By trying to convince myself that writing is all that is important about me and that’s simply not true.

I had even went as far as to create a personal blog that I’ve been semi-consistent in blogging on, but there is so much to learn about me there, so much that I want to share with those who read about the writing side of my life. I want people to not only enjoy my writing and my writings about my writing process but to also enjoy tidbits about my life.

There are a few bloggers that I follow that I have noticed follow this pattern- they post some of their fiction and or poetry/prose, but also post about their lives as well and these are the blogs that I enjoy the most.

Anyways, I hope you’ll hang in there with me while I play with my blog for awhile here! I’m inspired and I’ve decided to run with it for a change. 🙂


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