Sharing Is Caring

I spoke a little bit in my last post about creating a Facebook page and getting your writing and your thoughts out into the world, but I thought it would also be worth sharing a bit about, well, sharing. 😄

While you’re doing the most you can to share your words with people whom may want to hear them, may relate them, might truly need to hear them, the same is true about the blogs that you follow. Have you ever read another blogger’s post and thought to yourself, “Wow… This is me in a nutshell!” 😮

I know I have!

It makes me happy to read words that I can relate to, that I draw emotions and memories from. It makes me feel excited to want to read more about what a blogger is posting, find out what will happen next in the sequence of events. I find myself wondering if the blogger’s experience will end much the same way as my own did. And if their experience is not one that I have been through myself, I wonder what exactly I would’ve done had I been faced with the same situation and circumstances.

And if another blogger’s words hit close to home with you, I can guarantee you that there are others out there who will feel the same way as you do!

Have you ever read a post by one of your favorite bloggers and thought to yourself, “Why does this sound familiar…” and then you suddenly realize, “Ah! It’s because So-and-so whose blog I also follow is going through something similar!”

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you mentioned to either one of those bloggers, “Hey Friend, I read an interesting blog post today that you might be interested in!” 😊 It’s always a great thing to help people connect, to help people find a common ground.

Naturally, it may be good practice to make sure it’s okay with the Original Poster that you reblog or share a link to their post. I think most bloggers are pretty open to having their work shared. And I know that speaking for myself it’s flattering, if not a bit bewildering. 😄

The main point is, in the words of the Wonderful Drake from Dream Big, Dream Often, “Sharing is Caring!” 😄


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