Some of My Favorite Blogs!

I love how Drake from Dream Big, Dream Often hosts the weekly Meet and Greet! It’s such a wonderful way to network your blog and meet some really great people! But I’ve noticed that some of my favorite blogs/bloggers don’t participate in this, and that’s okay, but I love their writing and want to share their pages. So here they are in no particular order:

A Journal For Damned Lovers– Heartfelt words written by the talented and recently published S.K. Nicholas. He writes the most beautiful things that leave my heart aching for various reasons. I would very much feel honored to spend even a brief passing moment of my existence in his presence. I wonder if that’s weird… Honestly, I do not care if it is.

Shawn Writes Stuff– Wonderful fictional pieces as well as every day anecdotes from a witty man! Shawn gives me hope as an aspiring  writer. He posts quite frequently and his consistency is admirable! (To me at least.) He’s like a well of creativity that never runs dry!

adamdixonfiction– Adam writes, as his site suggests, fiction. And it’s some really great stuff as well! I love how his writing has a way of keeping me on the edge, wanting to see what happens next. I’m convinced that once he starts publishing he’ll make it onto a bestseller list easily.

My Journey Into Darkness– It’s so strange sometimes to read the words of someone else and realize that you aren’t alone in the way you feel, the things you’ve been through and Laurel’s blog does this for me. She is so very honest about her life and her family! And the memories she conjures up! It impresses me every time I read a piece about her past! If you’ve ever dealt with an unfaithful partner you will find in her blog that you are not alone! A wonderful bonus is her stories of when she was an EMT which I quite enjoy! 😊

What Sandra Thinks– Last but not least, Mrs. Sandra. Wow, can this woman ever write! She has a way with words that even when not written in poetic form, comes off very poetic anyways! She writes about love and passion and desire in such a way that leaves my soul aching for the very things she describes. Somehow, her words give me hope for a chance at true love. Maybe it’s not completely hopeless for me is how I feel once I’ve finished each of her posts. Not to mention she writes some pretty steamy stuff that sometimes gives me some extra zest in my intimacy…

And those are some of my favorites! Call it my “Top Five” in no particular order as I mentioned before. I do hope that if you haven’t already checked out these simply marvelous blogs yet, you will now!

Also, drop me a line either via email or in the comments and let me know who your favorite bloggers are! I’m always happy to discover new and wonderful writing!



7 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Blogs!

  1. This was an exciting idea for a post! I’ll certainly be clicking on the links and exploring some new writing. While she may be embarrassed that I’m citing her so, my girlfriend Kalie runs a blog and I absolutely adore her writing. Here’s a recent piece of hers that I fell in love with – I always find great enjoyment in and I take great inspiration from her writing.

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