For Fear Of Being Judged

My sentiments exactly on keeping a journal. From time to time I destroy them when I worry about someone reading them, someone who won’t understand what I have written. Unfortunately, it happens often, prying eyes. I end up being accused of things, never asked out of genuine interest about my thoughts and feelings. No, I am always being accused, always being made to feel wrong about the words that I write. Writing soothes my soul though, so I have recently made the decision to write regardless of how anyone who may read it may feel afterwards. I write in the hopes that I may heal. 💖


4 thoughts on “For Fear Of Being Judged

  1. I am 18 already and i still write a journal, though these days, the format has turned indirect and third person, but the problem of prying eyes always exists. And i know how discouraging it is for a writer to be judged for what they wrote!

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  2. Thanks for the follow! I have a Idea book, any ideas or thoughts that I have throughout the day, I write them in the book. There will be people who dislike what you write but there will be people who LOVE what you write, that’s what matters the most. 💜

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  3. Keep writing. It can be healing. It can be a record. It can be instructional. If somebody reads it and judges it, then it’s on them…not you. Nobody has the right to judge what you are feeling or writing. Maybe they haven’t experienced the horrific things you have suffered but they should be able to empathize. If they can’t, just tell them you hope they are never in your shoes.

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